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The Next 1000 Energy Years

WCEC media release(pdf 45 kB)

Newsletter Spring 2016(pdf 523 kB)

Video Link to : iEnergy: Reinventing Energy Systems for the Future

Video Link to : The case for optimism on climate change by Al Gore

Video Link to : WMO message on the World Meteorological Day 2016

Video Link to : World Meteorological Day 2016

Video Link to : Climate change to the fore by Achim Steiner from UNEP

WCEC Anniversary Overview(pdf 60 kB)

WCEC 1991(pdf 415 kB)

Newsletter Winter 2015-2016(pdf 523 kB)

History of Clean Sustainable Energy(pdf 418 kB)

Appeal to Stop Uranium Use(pdf 1000 kB)

Appeal to the Presidents of Iran, USA, all Nuclear Powers and the United Nations(pdf 35 kB)

Newsletter Autumn 2015(pdf 150 kB)

Newsletter Summer 2015(pdf 150 kB)

Newsletter Spring 2015(pdf 150 kB)

Newsletter Winter 2014-2015(pdf 150 kB)

Newsletter Winter 2013-2014(pdf 150 kB)

Newsletter Autumn 2013(pdf 150 kB)

Newsletter Summer 2013(pdf 241 kB)

Newsletter Spring 2013(pdf 173 kB)

Newsletter Winter 2012-2013(pdf 450 kB)

Newsletter Summer 2012(pdf 90 kB)

Rio+20 (pdf 230 kB)

Newsletter Spring 2012 (pdf 404 kB)

Newsletter Spring 2012 Addendum (pdf 341 kB)

World Sustainable Energy Conference, January 10-12, 2012, in Geneva

Newsletter Autumn 2011 (pdf 106 kB)

Newsletter Spring 2011 (A4 pdf 360 kB)
Newsletter Spring 2011 (US-Letter pdf 360 kB)

Why Nuclear Power Has No Future ! (pdf 83 kB)

Three Important Videos
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Newsletter Winter 2010-2011 (pdf 770 kB)

Newsletter Autumn 2010 (doc 1058 kB)

Newsletter Spring 2010

Newsletter Winter 2009-10a

Newsletter Summer 2009

Newsletter Winter 2008-09

Newsletter Autumn 2008 (doc 245 kB)

Newsletter Summer 2008 (doc 53 kB)
Newsletter Spring 2008 (doc 109 kB)
Newsletter Winter 2007-08 (doc 180 kB)
Newsletter Spring-Autumn 2007
Newsletter Winter 2006-07
Newsletter Autumn 2006
Sustainable Energy Implementation
Evolution of Wind Power (ppt)
Newsletter Summer 2006
Newsletter Spring 2006
Newsletter Winter 2005-06
Newsletter Autumn 2005
Newsletter Summer 2005
Ɯberwindung des Feuers (pdf 23 kB)
Overcoming the Fire (pdf 23 kB)
Newsletter Spring 2005
World Energy Mix Forecast
The Future Transporation
Newsletter Winter 2004-05
List of Periodicals
Newsletter Summer 2004
Newsletter Summer 2004 Album ISEO input for the RE Summit in Bonn
Spring Newsletter 2004 (pdf 186 kB)
Winter Newsletter 2003 (pdf 150kB)
Autumn Newsletter 2003 (pdf 210 kB)
Summer Newsletter 2003 / Conference Results (pdf 460 kB)

Sommernews / Konferenzresultate
Spring 2003 Newsletter (pdf 126 kB)
News Release Johannesburg 28th of August 2002
Johannesburg Newsletter 09-2002 (pdf 41 kB)
Addendum to Johannesburg Newsletter (pdf 228 kB)